Visual Arts

What a thousand words cannot express a picture can!!

Welcome to our Visual Art (VA) classroom where the creativity of young learners finds its full expressions. The classes are real fun and joy-filled. Art as an integral part of learners education because it helps them to be creative with the help of various medium of art like drawing, painting, craft, clay moulding. In a nutshell, VA is all about creation with skill and imagination.

For our VA classes we follow the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) curriculum. There are two aspects of our VA classes- experiential and theoretical aspects. In the theoretical aspect the learners are introduced to the different elements and principles of art so that they can appreciate the intricacies of the subject. In experiential aspect the learners actually delve into the act of creation in order to be able to appreciate the beauty of art.

The learners in our VA classrooms are taught the various techniques of drawing and colouring. An objective test on basic art concepts and colour theory is also conducted to make sure that children have really grasped the concept. Another fascinating aspect of our VA classes is Craft. In this area learners develop their craftsmanship skills, like clay modelling, origami and creating artefacts. A range of practical skills enables learners to use and understand the properties of a wide range of tools and materials.

Our VA classrooms are focused on a creative and skill-based learning. Besides nurturing learners’ mental development, practical skills, building motor and coordination skills and improving language and observation skills, VA serves as a medium to express their ideas and thoughts clearly. Experiences in visual arts enable them to learn how to reflect critically on their own and others’ work. They develop an artistic view as well as aesthetic sense through keen observation.

Admission Enquiry 2019-20
Admission Enquiry 2019-20