The school also has an Anti-Bully Policy in place. Learners are made aware of these policies in class assembly. Regular positive reinforcement of the accepted norms by the educators for social behaviour ensures that learners study and grow in a healthy and safe environment. Regular awareness drives are conducted to sensitise the learners. The School's Anti Bullying Guidelines are appended below:

  1. Physical: hitting, kicking, pushing, punching or any use of violence.
  2. Verbal: Name calling, teasing, insulting, sarcasm, writing unkind notes, spreading rumours, threats etc.
  3. Emotional: Being unfriendly, excluding, pressurizing, taking or hiding belongings etc.
  4. Cyber bullying: All types of text messages, Chat room misuse any misuse of technology to cause harm to another.

If you are facing any of the above here is what you can do:

  1. Talk to your Home room teacher or anyone you trust.
  2. Put a note in the POCSO box placed in the washroom.
  3. Be part of a group. Do not remain by yourself when moving around in the school.
  4. If you are scared to tell teacher take a friend with you when you speak to teacher.
  5. Remember you are not alone. Don’t suffer in silence.
  6. You are not to be blamed for what is happening.

What you can do if see someone else being bullied?

  1. Get help of an adult the moment you see someone being bullied.
  2. Encourage the child being bullied to talk to someone.
  3. Try and be friends with the child who is being bullied.
  4. Do not laugh or smile at the situation.
  5. Don’t take on the bully yourself.

In case any bullying incident is reported, a fair investigation will be conducted by the school authorities. Depending on the gravity of the misconduct any of the actions below may be initiated:

  1. Oral or written warning
  2. Suspension from attending classes
  3. Suspension from school for a specified period
  4. Imposition of a fine
  5. In the rarest of rare case, a bully may also be asked to take a transfer.

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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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