Meal Plan

Menu for the month of December, 2018

Day and Date Breakfast Lunch Snacks
1st, Saturday Cutlet + chutney Chapatti + plain rice+ dal palak+ soya dry+ salad
3rd, Monday Rawa dosa + fruit Chapatti + palak paneer subji + mixed dal + veg.pulao + raita Banana milkshake
4th, Tuesday Sevai upma + fruit Chapatti+ rajma + jeera rice+ gobi matar dry + salad Bournvita milk + rajgeera laddoo
5th, Wednesday Sabudana Khichdi + fruit Chapatti + mixed veg + plain rice + methi dal + raita Bournvita milk + cake
6th, Thursday Moong dosa+ fruit Chappati+ kichdi+ pakoda kadhi + chana dry + salad Rawa khir
7th, Friday Veg. poha + fruit Chapatti+ capsicum potato dry + jeera rice+ masoor usal + salad Masala Milk + pumpkin puri
10th, Monday Idli + sambar + fruit Chapatti+ tawa veg+ plain rice+ chole + raita Carrot khir
11th, Tuesday Nachni dosa + fruit Chapatti+ moong usal+ paneer masala + veg.pulao + raita Bournvita Milk + bread butter
12th, Wednesday Tomato omlette + fruit Chapatti+ soya dry + tomato rice+ palak dal+ raita Banana milkshake
13th, Thursday Sago khichdi + fruit Chapatti+ aloo jeera + dal tadka + plain rice+ salad Bournvita Milk + rajgeera laddoo
14th, Friday Daliya upma + fruit Chapatti+ veg.kadhai + palak rice + dal lasooni + raita Bournvita Milk + Bhel
15th, Saturday Sandwich + fruit Chapatti + lemon rice + dum aloo + dal tadka + salad
17th, Monday Veg poha + fruit Chapatti+ bhendi potato + chole + jeera rice + raita Bournvita Milk + digestive biscuit
18th, Tuesday Rawa upma+ fruit Chapatti+ methi matar + tomato rice+ rajma + salad Apple milkshake
19th, Wednesday Veg Cutlet + chutney + fruit Chapatti+ tawa veg. + kadhi khichdi + salad Sevai khir
20th, Thursday Rawa idli + sambar + fruit Chapatti+ palak aloo+ plain rice+ dal tadka+ raita Bournvita Milk + Oreo biscuit
21st, Friday Moong dosa + chutney+ fruit Chapatti+ mixed veg + masoor usal + Veg pulav+ raita Bournvita milk + cake
22nd, Saturday Veg.poha + fruit Chapatti+ jeera rice + aloo matar gravy + veg.kadhai + salad


  • > For making porridges/kheer, we use jaggery instead of sugar.
  • > For sevai upma, we use rice sevai. We do not use refined flour.
  • > Our vegetable cutlets are baked/shallow fried and not deep fried.
  • > Potato curry is given weekly once only.
  • > Ketchup and processed/packaged food is not served in our cafeteria.
  • > Our cafeteria is strictly vegetarian.
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Admission Enquiry 2019-20