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Notice of 4th Executive Committee Meeting of Parent -Teachers Association- PICT Model School

Notice of 4th Executive Committee Meeting of Parent -Teachers Association

PICT Model School

Notice no. : 18-19/04

No: 27251014823

Name of the school: PICT Model School

Date: 20thApril, Saturday, 2019


Member of Executive Committee

Subject: Meeting of Executive Committee.


The closure meeting of the Executive Committee of the Parent Teacher Association of PICT Model School (2018-2019) will be held on 20th April, Saturday, 2019 at 9.00am in our campus. You are requested to make yourself available for this meeting.

As per the provisions of rule 8(3) of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee), Rules, 2016, the meeting will be conducted only if at least one-third members of the total strength are present and provided that more than fifty percent of the parent members of the total number of parent- members are present. If the quorum is not fulfilled, the Chairperson of the committee shall adjourn the meeting for half an hour. No business will be transacted in the meeting unless there is a quorum. The meeting will be cancelled and will be recalled after fifteen days by following the process mentioned in these rules.

The Agenda is appended for your ready reference.
Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration in the year ahead,

Warm Regards
Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri
Executive Committee
PTA, PICT Model School

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