TRANSPORT COMMITTEE MEETING 12th September, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Members Present:

Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri Principal PICT Model School
Ms. Geeta Pillai Dean Admin PICT Model School
Mr. Sudeep Shinde Transport Vendor Sudeep Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vishal Sawant Transport Manager Sudeep Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Pawan Singh Parent Representative PICT Model School
Ms. Sapna Devtale Asst. Police Inspector (API), Mhalunge Police Chowki, Pune

The meeting began with a welcome by the Principal.

  • Mr. Sudeep briefed members of the constitution of the transport committee and the rationale behind the committee.
  • Mr. Sudeep shared the documentation related to the 19 buses the R.T.O. passing taxes, insurances, speed governor etc.
  • Next, we shared the documentation related to the drivers. Their police verification valid licenses, medical etc.
  • The detail of the bus routes was also shared with members.
  • The API expressed satisfaction at the way records were being maintained. Principal explained that every bus had two maushis to manage the kids.
  • Parent representative also spoke of the GPS and CCTV in the buses. He was appreciative of the messaging system which was very helpful to the parents.
  • The Principal also highlighted some of the best practices being followed by the school. She informed to members that police verification of all drivers and maushies was a mandate in the school.
  • Details of the student with their blood group was pasted in the buses.
  • The transport rules and regulations were mentioned in the bus, the school calendar and the website. She also informed members of the cameras in the buses.
  • The maushis gave a daily update to the Transport Manager and as far as possible the same staff was deployed on the routes so that students and parents would be comfortable.
  • The Transport Manager informed members that training of support staff was a regular feature at PICT Model School.
  • Mr. Sudeep also informed that all compliances as per RTO were being met with.
  • Principal suggested that the API should check all the buses and give her suggestions.
  • Principal raised the concern about the service road in front of Orchid Hotel. Vehicles moving from the school towards Baner were at risk.
  • API gave valuable suggestions, she directed school to submit a letter to the Police Commissioner in PCMC. She also shared the location of the commissioner office.
  • Parent representative raised the concern of parents of private cars having to get off their cars to pick up their wards during dispersal at gate no. 3.
  • Admin explained that some parents did not want security personnel to touch their cars or their children. Principal then informed that management was considering having a walkway from Gate no. 1 to Gate no. 3 so no private cars would enter the school premises.
  • The concept of the escort card and a sample of the escort card was shown to the API.
  • API informed members that as per government norms the school should have an agreement with the transport provider.
  • Mr.Sudeep also informed that without the agreement with the school no private operators could operate their vehicles within 100mts. of the school premises.

The meeting conducted with a thank you note by the Principal.

Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
Student Date of Birth