We follow the CBSE curriculum and promote innovation, application and inquiry based learning right from the elementary stage. Assessment is embedded in the teaching learning process and is a vital component for improvement. PICT Model School believes in ‘assessment for learning’.Assessments are designed to promote formative learning through differentiation. The development of applied thinking among our learners is our main focus. We believe in the CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation) that emphasizes on holistic learning and covers both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of students’ growth and development. Learners at PICT Model School are constantly encouraged to endure on challenging problems, and develop their identities as capable and lifelong learners. This encourages learners to reflect on their strengths and work on areas of improvement making them enthusiastic about their learning journey at school.

Apart from the Periodic tests and the term end tests that learners take up as per the CBSE structure, they also take up the Cambridge Assessment English from Cambridge University and the nationwide Learnometer tests which are based on conceptual understanding, reading and comprehension and applied thinking. The ability to apply the concepts that they explore through classroom learning is encouraged rather than the passive reproduction of memorized facts. Our teaching learning activities are based Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives that helps our learners to achieve higher levels of critical thinking and problem solving skills. The taxonomy is divided into six levels and moves from basic levels (knowledge and Understanding) to higher levels(analysis and synthesis) of cognition. Subject Enrichment activities are also embedded in the formative assessments at school.